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QuickBooks Selection, Configuration & Education


Here is an overview of how we work with you to support your QuickBooks system. Click each line for more detail.

  Learn your companyThe different versions of QuickBooks offer a wide range of function and features.  There are very few (if any) businesses that use all of the function and features.  The challenge is that each business needs a different combination of what QuickBooks offers. When working with a new client, our first step is always to spend time to understand their company's accounting needs. We do this for both clients that have QuickBooks installed and clients that want to implement QuickBooks.This step can take as little as less than an hour to two or three hours. During the conversation we discuss how QuickBooks works in relation to the needs of your company. It usually ends with you having a better understanding of QuickBooks and Your Back Office understanding the your needs.•   Help you select the right QuickBooks versionThere are four versions that will run completely on your computers. There are four on-line versions that are accessed through the internet, i.e., "the cloud". Each version has different features and different prices. Once we learn your company, we can recommend the best version for your operations. And we pass on our discounts from Intuit.•   Design your accounting systemOnce we know your company and its information needs, than we can work with you to design your Quickbooks system. This consists of defining the accounts needed to track your company, creating the items used to produce invoices/sales receipts, customizing sales documents, setting up inventory tracking  and the reports needed to control the business.For first time installation clients, we start with the Chart of Accounts that QuickBooks provides based on it's interview during the software installation (desktop) or during the first access of the company (on-line).  We explain the interview as it is completed. Accounts are added to and deleted from the QuickBooks generated Chart of Accounts with your agreement.The Chart of Accounts is a major navigation tool within QuickBooks. Our goal is to make the client comfortable with its use.When working with a new client that has been using QuickBooks, we review the existing Chart of Accounts. This helps us learn the client's business and allows us to make suggestions that will make the client's system easier to use.We educate the client on the use of the tools for creating sales documents, tracking inventory and reporting results. We help you specify who is allowed to access QuickBooks and each person's level of access.•   Help you convertYour Back Office will work with you to plan and execute the most efficient conversion to QuickBooks. Optionally customer and vendor information can be imported from Excel or other systems. Manual entry is not painful. The first time you create a transaction for a customer or vendor, QuickBooks prompts you for the needed customer/vendor information. This spreads the data entry task over your business cycle.If you have customer or vendor data in computer files, we are experts at reformatting the data for import into Quickbooks. If the information is organized on paper we may be able to scan, reformat and import .•   Using QuickBooks EducationA significant amount of education occurs in the previous steps.  This education covers how to enter transactions and create reports. For the client new to QuickBooks, this education allows the confirmation that the chart of accounts, inventory accounting (if used) and sales items are properly set up.For the client new to QuickBooks, our education methodology is to enter several months worth of transactions, reconciling bank and credit card statements each month. Initially, the  Your Back Office representative is at the keyboard explaining the how and why of each entry. As soon as the client comfortable, seats are switched. This a concentrated, hands on methodology which allows the client to quickly become comfortable using QuickBooksFor the client that has been using QuickBooks, our methodology is similar. Usually we are addressing an issue or issues using QuickBooks. We determine if changes to the system are required and recommend same. With the client's approval, we make the changes. If this results in changes to the transaction entry procedures, hands on training is provided.•   Provide Continuing SupportWe are available by telephone, text and email most of the time for questions, "how to's" etc. Generally there is no charge for this type of support. At the client's option, we can schedule periodic visits to review transaction entries, help reconcile accounts, answer questions and make suggestions. This support is billed at our normal rate.